November 2017: Consumer Protection Notice Against Lina Trivedi

The sale and promotion of WordBotic (abandoned; left in bad condition) and all other defective products put together by Lina Trivedi have ceased. Click the button below for more information.

Nov. 2017: WordBotic Status - Abandoned

WordBotic's beta release was in August 2014 by Lina Trivedi. It was $17 for an unlimited license, which later increased to $35. WordBotic has been in beta for 3 years now and no further updates have been given. It's been abandoned while she still attempts to sell it for $97 on upwards to $597 in bad condition. This website will no longer be updated. People await for a public apology as stated here for her deception.

A Peek Inside: WordBotic - Abandoned

If you are a person who does not know how to write or needs help writing, WordBotic offers you a solution to get you started. You can get a 100,000-word boost in your writing. There are also 250K and 500K-word packages. New modules will be released in the upcoming Spring 2015 version.

What to Expect: WordBotic - Abandoned

  • 57-phrased questionnaire to fill out before content is generated.
  • Get up to 10K words (at one time) in Microsoft Word at the end of the questionnaire.
  • Get up to 500K words (multiple uses over your lifetime).
  • Support response time is 48 hours.

Books by Lina Trivedi

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