Get WordBotic - In Your City

Have you spotted the bus traveling in your city? The developer of WordBotic (Lina Trivedi) is on it. Be sure to honk, stop the bus to meet her, and/or take a video or photo if you see this bus in your city! See the table below for the itinerary.

November 3rd Chuck Mullaney Ocean City, MD
November 4th James Jones Charlotte, NC
November 5th John Pierce (Virtual)
November 5th Mark Thompson Raleigh, NC
November 5th Ty Cohen Raleigh, NC
November 6th Costas Peppas Nashville, TN
November 7th TBD TBD
November 8th Michigan State Spartans Game East Lansing, MI
November 9th TBD TBD
November 10th Brad Spencer and Anthony Aires Gomes Orlando, FL
November 11th Jon Shugart Gainesville, GA
November 12th Motley Crue Farewell Tour Concert Madison, WI
November 13th TBD TBD
November 14th Jay Boyer (Virtual)
November 15th TBD TBD
November 16th TBD TBD
November 17th Beaver Dam, WI Beaver Dam, WI